Animal Sales Web Application

What is the need?

Help Farmers avoid the middlemen and directly meet the seller/buyer, ensuring quality and better value.

What will be the impact of this product?

The simplistic UI and UX design ensure the approach is user-friendly and easy for customers of any background. The above point ensures that the website is used in great numbers as it is the least complex and straightforward for any form of interaction.
This platform allows customers to provide detailed information about the animals they want to sell or buy, along with the location of their respective farms. The buyers and sellers also have a module to chat and negotiate the price and conclude.
Farmers can post an advertisement directly and even promote it at a highly reasonable price with an option to choose a fixed number of days for the same.
The Website is also available in multiple languages, which makes it easier for everyone.
The features mentioned above reduce farmers’ efforts by avoiding the middlemen, price-fixed market, transportation, and undocumented efforts. With this, they have the freedom to quote their price, negotiate, and also come in contact with the seller/buyer personally, and also make payments on the website.

Tech Stack

Front End & Back End