Legal Advice Consultation Web application

What is the need?

A legal consultation platform for Law Firm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
With the use of a web application, a law firm can easily schedule consultations with clients and even choose to hold them online using meeting platforms.
Allow clients to manage their service requests, payments, and consultations from a dashboard

What will be the impact of this product?

The firm will use the platform to manage client interaction in an efficient manner to handle all requests for consultations, services, and other needs. The platform shall enhance the user’s experience to interact and avail all services provided by the firm right from consultation to the rest of legal services. The platform shall connect all the lawyers of a category onto a common section and will enable quicker execution of requests placed.

Technology challenge solved by Webknot

The application had to give users a choice between an offline and an online meeting and enable them to select the legal service they wanted. If the user selects an external location in the city, the prices of services are dynamically calculated based on the distance between the nearest office and the meeting place. In order to achieve the goal, Webknot had to customize a number of inbuilt components and map SDKs.

Tech Stack

Front End