VitalSign6 Admin Web App

What is the VitalSign6 - Admin Web App?

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    VitalSign6 is a mental health platform that connects institutions and primary health care, workers. The goal is to provide timely mental health support for the people in need.

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    The project consists of 3 applications:

  • Mobile app for the end-users.
  • A web application for the Super Admin.
  • A web application for the physicians.

What is the need?

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    The VitalSign6 Admin app allows the management of different organizations, hospitals, physicians, and end-users that are on the platform.

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    Some examples of what can be done on the platform.

  3. 3

    Creation and management of organization profiles.

  4. 4

    Account management.

  5. 5

    Creation and management of hospital profiles.

  6. 6

    Approving join requests and connection requests.

Technology challenge solved by Webknot

UI should be responsive for all platforms similar to how bootstrap works, it is solved by creating a grid system in flutter similar to how the grid system works in bootstrap.

Tech Stack

Front End
Back End