VitalSign6 Physician Web App

What is the VitalSign6?

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    VitalSign6 is a mental health platform that connects institutions and primary health care, workers. The goal is to provide timely mental health support for the people in need.

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    The project consists of 3 applications:

  • Mobile app for the end-users.
  • A web application for the Super Admin.
  • A web application for the physicians.

What is the need?

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    To enable users to sketch on the screen over any Image/document.

  2. 2

    To be able to record the session of scribbling over the document with time as mp4 and as JSON data to save memory and reduce the file size.

What will be the impact of this product?

The end-users will be able to share their Mental Health reports with the physicians. Each physician will be able to use this web portal to have access to the shared reports.
Technology challenge solved by Webknot: UI should be responsive for all platforms similar to how bootstrap works, it is solved by creating a grid system in flutter similar to how the grid system works in bootstrap.

Tech Stack

Front End
Back End